Monday, April 16, 2012

This is what the publicity comitee does.

Us trying to be like Darren O'Donnell.

Us being cool.


Thursday, April 12, 2012

Our first Night Walks.

Last summer, The Torontonians took a little road trip east, all the way to Cape Breton, Nova Scotia. We stayed in the small, but charming town of Inverness.

Our location: right by the sea.

What were we doing there, you ask? Well, it's this little experiment called Night Walks With Teenagers.

If you are familiar with the works of Mammalian Diving Reflex, you can see its diversity and uniqueness.

Example: Hair Cuts by Children, Parkdale vs. Queen West, Eat The Street. Just to name a few,

Night Walks is no different. Several Adults mixed with a horde of hormonal teenagers rented a gigantic van (sounds sketchy? Don't worry, nothing bad happened!) and set off on the trip to the east coast. The trip was not only long but also smelly (thanks to some anonymous boys, you can only imagine how many times we had to open that sorry excuse of a window) but overall...everyone enjoyed it.

When we finally arrived in Inverness our actual plan was put into action...chilling at the beach! (Hey! the trip was long ok?)

But don't worry. We eventually got work done, met the teens, the older locals and even some visitors from Toronto! And the name, is not just for show, we planned and went on 3 lovely walks during our week there. A beach walk, a forest walk and a town walk, this was of course all done during the night as the title implies.

Now let’s get to the real reason I’m writing this post, not for the past but the future. As you may have guessed, this experiment was a success, of course there were some minor problems, nothing in life is perfect but 90% of the trip was wonderful! Which is why this summer of 2012, we are heading off to Leeds, a city in the UK. Yes, you heard me, the UK!

Last summer, it was all about wilderness...but this year it's about the city! We are currently in the planning process, last year we had a guide...but this year we are all by ourselves can we make this trip even better then the last, it's going to be hard...but definitely possible.

What adventure awaits us in Leeds...keep yourself updated and find out!

- Dana Liu

Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Dare Night Lock Down

You are currently reading about The Torontonian's event held at the Gladstone Hotel "Dare Nite Lock Down." Does it sound eerie? Well it is! We are currently planning this event so that all you horror lovers out there can have a wonderfully scary, and paranoid time together, and with us, The Torontonians! 

Dare Night Lock Down is all about giving you a night of frights. You will be filled with horror, adrenaline and the urge to cry for your mommy.

So how long do you think you'll last, in the haunted Gladstone Hotel? Stay tuned for more details as we move closer to your mental break down.