Producers of Parkdale

The Producers of Parkdale,is a year-long mentorship residency at the Gladstone Hotel, where us-the Torontonians-will be learning the ropes of event production: curating, budgeting, marketing, production management and hospitality. The mentorship is a three-pronged process: workshops, shadowing and office/event producing. The goal is to create/curate an entirely self-made event for the Gladstone Hotel, which will be run by us, the Producers. We then decided on an aspect of production that we would like to focus and work on. This would be our job for the event and event production. Then we moved on to shadowing. Shadowing is when the producers act as “mini intern” and follow the staff of the Gladstone Hotel around when they do their job. This wasn’t the only part of shadowing, after the hours of work we had to blog/vlog about our experience, which can be seen on the blog. The last part of Producers of Parkdale is running an office. We are currently in this stage. In the office we are split into our teams and jobs and concentrating on publicizing and the production/logistics of our event, Dare Night Lockdown.

Us trying to be like Darren O'Donnell.

Us being cool.


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