Nightwalks with Teenagers

Nightwalks with Teenagers was based on the 2003 blackout in Toronto. It caused the citizens to leave their homes and technologies aside and go communicate with people in the city or around their neighbourhood. It gave everyone the opportunity to get to know the people around them whether it was the old lady down the street or the tall teenage boy who delivers their pizza. It was created to break the barrier between adults and teenagers and to recreate the loving vibe from 2003. Normally adults are afraid of teenagers at night and teenagers are afraid to be themselves around adults. Nightwalks is used to let them both break the stereotype and be comfortable around each other, even if it’s for a night.
We’ve had Nightwalks in Cape Breton, Nova Scotia (Canada) and Leeds, England (United Kingdom). We’re hoping to continue and go even further abroad.

    I kow ehh. beautiful!
    This is Chosang "modelling" one of the youth from the Torontonian. 
    Don't remember the exact spot but this is forest walk at night time. We walked through the 
    forest trying our best to scare the poop outta each other.  
                             thats me (Chozin). Im still trying to figure out what that thing is.
    And these are the Torontonians facing their back to the camera.
    People in the front are the local inverness kiddz helping us out with the location of the 
    These are few of the challenges that we had to over come.  Us the "city" kids didn't 
    expect this at all. So, we got our "fresh" clothes all muddy!    
    we are missing some people but these are the people that lead the Night walk inverness   
                             We also did a mushroom walk which i learned a lot from. 
    i never knew that many different kinds of mushroom existed!  crazy! eh!

    Mushroom hunting! 
    We chillin like a villin in a tipi. Forget what the joke was. 
    After the tipi session we went outside playing tag in the mist. It was hectic ran till my lungs couldn't  
    keep up.
    once again! beautiful! eh! it was freezing but we swam in it.
                                             Oh and this is beach walking. 
    Jumping over stream like a boss!
    This is also forest walk. These pictures are so not organized.

    This is town walk. We walked around a town in inverness. wish i had a beautiful picture to 
    Inverness Peeps! to the right and the "City" Or better yet torontonian peeps! to the right. 
    bit blurry but i belive this is town walk. this is The horse cart race thing track in Inverness. 
    Who knew these Nova Scotia cold go getto.
    To your right is the Co founder of the Trontonians Mr. Sanjay Ratnan.
    This was in the Inverness news paper. 


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