How To Hook Up

"How To Hook Up"

Toronto is teeming with talented young people who can drop a beat or bust a move in deft and dope ways. How to Hook Up, hosted by us, the Torontonians, is a web-series showcasing Toronto’s talented youth - people from all over this town, equipped with mad skills and brains bursting with intelligence. We're doing some film-production workshops with Toronto professionals (keep your eye on the 180 degree rule, yo), hosting, filming and editing the series. Each episode will showcase the city's various culture vibes, from Jane and Finch to Scarborough Village, and the young people who make up the neighbourhood.

There will be a melangey potpourri momo congee stew of segments that see us make some friends, reach to new hoods, and talk really loud on the subway - all integral components of what we eruditely define as “Hooking it up”, Mammalian style. We are deeply deeply honoured to have planned hook-ups with a number of Toronto's most innovative youth organizations: Just BGRAPHICArts for Children and YouthArt StartsUrban Arts and more tba. We'll keep you posted as it happens, especially for the big launch party scheduled for June. Maybe start shopping for some new gear; you're gonna wanna look goooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooood. 

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