Meet The Torontonians

Dana Liu is an aspiring actress and entertainer. She loves to sing, dance and have fun with her awesome friends. She likes to take on the role of the clothes on her back, as a fun, automatic response to her method acting nature. Her other hobbies include reading, writing, watching dramas, anime, sitcoms (you get the idea, it helps with the acting)…and sleeping, which is unavoidable because she is in the IB…and she plans to finish it no matter the circumstances, even if she has to crawl out. She’s shy when you first meet her, but always friendly. Don’t let her first class poker face fool you, she never hide smiles. She enjoys working with Darren O’Donnell and the rest of the Torontonians and hopes that she’ll make new friends as her experience with them increases. She is very happy that you are reading this and would even be more so if you are enjoying it. However she finds writing this bio in 3rd person very awkward, but she promises that it is the truth, and nothing but the truth. 

Ahash Jeeva is the youngest member of the producers. He is only 15 years old and also goes to Parkdale C.I. Unlike the others, he isn't an aspiring actor, singer, entertainer etc,etc. In fact he isn't artistic at all. All he cares about is school and lives by the words of wise 50 Cent "Get Rich or Die Tryin'". On his spare time, he likes to listen to rap music and he spends most of his free time doing something basketball related...that's about it.

Tenzin Chozin thats all you need to know! 

Sanjay Ratnan is born on jan.26.96 and goes to Parkdale CI.I. Sanjay is a comedian. He acts, sings,  and always tries to have fun. Loves the out doors and having fun. He likes cultural food, loves animals and has a really positive side. He likes to go to concerts to see bands, travel and see what's out there. He always gets through tough stuff and works hard to be what he wants to be: singer/actor and comedian! He is the 2010 winner of Mammalian's Timothy Comeau Award.

Isabel Ahat is a person who enjoys sounds! Teenage yells, babies crying and the hums and   whirs of the TTC that are apart of Toronto’s everyday life really comfort her. She’s a “singer” but never refers to herself as one. She’s a devoted chorister, (like seriously devoted; 8 years and counting) and the group’s “most religious person.” Isabel loves to sleep, read books, watch reruns of Degrassi and everything Harry Potter. She’s not as big of a nerd as you may think! Isabel hopes to live past 27.

Virginia Antonipillai spends her high school years at William Lyon Mackenzie C.I in the north part of Toronto where she currently resides. Having lived in the Parkdale neighbourhood for 14 years of her life and having so many memories, she hasn’t let go of it one bit. She is determined to move right back into Parkdale when she moves out of her parent’s home. She comes off as extremely quiet, awkward and incredibly shy at first, but once you get to really know her, she’s one the weirdest person you’ll ever meet. She loves to make people laugh as well as putting a smile on anyone’s face. Virginia is really into Digital Media and Computers. Anything from HTML Coding, Animation, Photoshop and Video Games. She hopes to become a successful Graphic Designer in the future.

 Nerupa Somasale is currently a student attending Parkdale Collegiate Institute. She's a loud and spirited person who never hesitates when it comes to sharing ideas. With a constant thirst for knowledge and adventure she jumps up at any opportunity. Nerupa enjoys anything and everything about the arts. In her spare time you'll find her drawing, writing, cooking and you'll never see her without a pair of headphones on. She adores indie rock music and has an obsession with The Killers. Nerupa hopes to one day work in the fashion or film industry or at least, become a teacher. 

Kathy Vuu is a 16-year-old Asian teenager and is currently a student at Rosedale Heights School of the Arts, majoring in Drama. She enjoys Coca-Cola way too much and quitting Coca-Cola is part of her summer bucket list. She feels that her death will possibly be from the cause of pancreatic cancer. Kathy hopes to be a teacher in the future and hope her parents will accept that as satisfactory.

    My name is Ngawang, I am 16 years old and live in Toronto. I was born in Delhi, India and came to Canada when I was 7 years old. I joined Mammalian Driving Reflex around mid summer of 2011. I enjoying working with Darren and everyone involved in this awesome weird funny group that we have built. I enjoy sports, playing video games and hanging with my friends. You know what they say, YOLO.

Kiam Lam-Bellissimo is the self-proclaimed nerd of the group. He likes anything from video games, movies, reading, board games, kids shows to generally being creepy on the internet. Kiam is always on the fix to learn new things and likes to get perspectives on things from different people. If you need someone to talk to, Kiam's the guy to go to. Kiam currently attends Parkdale Collegiate Institute like the majority of The Torontonians. In the future he hopes to become CEO of "Nguyen Huong", a vietnamese sandwich franchise located in Toronto.

 Tenzin Chosang, Chosang (as he likes to be called) or the Chodog is an awesome person. He is known by others as “the boy who is good at everything” or a jack of all trades, or naturally talented! He’s a BMX-er by day and a singer by night, but he likes to keep that a secret. Chosang is a very sweet man and a terrific dresser! He hopes to win the girl of his dreams, succeed in life and be the best forever!

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