Wednesday, July 25, 2012

news! Here's the latest from Team A (otherwise known as the best team ever!!!

From our last meeting we’ve discussed a portion of DARE NITE LOCKDOWN in the event's very own space (The Ballroom), which is the Pizza Dinner! We talked about introductions and how to grab our audience and SERIOUSLY scare them. It was a slightly heated conversation just throwing ideas to and fro. I realized how tough it is to actually get things done! You need some serious focus and little distractions. It must be some sort of superpower…In the end, what we were thinking of for the transition to some pizza involved *SPOILER ALERT* a beautiful garbage bag, some pizza sauce and the freaky Mr. Darren O’Donnell! I don’t want to give too much away to our viewers because hey, they might come and know what’s happening!

The other things we discussed were setup for the Pizza and “background noise.” We’ll be showing a lot of videos for the beginning of Dare Nite Lockdown, especially our promo videos! Like this one:

Promo Vid: Isabel (keep an eye out)

We also got into hosting, ice breakers, our Lockdown bit and which movie we would be watching for the night.

 For our hosting we decided that the great duo, Nerupa and Sanjay, would be the best since they have the most experience. Lucky ducks ;)

Hosts Nerupa and Sanjay. Photo via: Blog T.O.

We also had a chat on some ice breaker games. Since some people will be spending the night with us, it’s best to get to know them right? So prepare to share and get comfy/close!! As for the Lockdown part, we’ve got a little surprise in store for everyone. But like I said before, I don’t want to give too much away!

And for the movie, we will be watching…


Trailer for 28 Weeks Later

I hope you’re excited because there’s a lot in store for you! A surprise in every corner, so sleep with one eye open!

-Isabel (Team A!!!!!)


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