Tuesday, May 29, 2012


Aight so i'm at the library all alone on a mac..supposed to be doing my homework right now but screw that. Anyways this blog post is long overdue.
As of today I'm done my 6 hours of shadowing 3 with the big boss man at gladstone Alec and then 3 with Zoe and Caleb.

So going into shadowing I really didn't know what to expect. I was going to be shadowing Alec Bradley the general manager of the hotel, the man who makes all the big decisions, the man who controls all the money and makes all the executive decisions. Before I went the only other person who did any shadowing was Ngawang Luding. Not knowing what to expect I decided to ask Ngawang. He told me they asked him bare questions about the event and what not.. that scared me because honestly I couldn't remember anything and so I went in hoping that I don't look like a dumbass in front of Alec. So anyways I went in talked to the receptionist and then waited for Alec. Once Alec came he took me to a meeting that he was running late for. The meeting is somewhat similar to ours in that its a debrief all the various departments come and report on the past week and talk about upcoming events. When we got there the meeting was already over. At the meeting I noticed that Alec asked a lot of questions..i mean like every 2 seconds non stop anyways after the meeting we head up to the ballroom he got me a fancy looking Coca Cola and then our meeting officially started.

At first Alec briefly told me about what his job was with the gladstone what he does on a daily basis. He told me that its the budget and administrations job to look over everything and make sure things go smoothly. He also said that it's pretty common if all your coworkers think your an asshole and that no matter how great an idea can be it is my job to say no its over the budget you must go back and change the idea. Then he talked about how the budget isn't as fixed and stern as it seems its's actually very flexible. For example if i gave 2,000 dollars to the marketing and they only needed 1,500 i should use the excess to fulfil the needs of another aspect for example tech. After the brief overview on the general managers job we started to go in-depth into our event. This was where I noticed something about Alec, he's a pretty keen business man he knows all tone ways to try and make a profit out of anything. One of the worst mistakes I made was that I didn't actually know if we wanted a profit or not but if we do he gave me a lot of ideas to use. Anyway that was how my first blogging went me, Alec, my coke, his coffee, and me asking bare questions for 3 fucken hours :)

My next shadowing was with Zoe and Caleb. I was with Sanjay and we discussed about things that we can do to publicize our event. We talked about all the different types which is usually effective to advertise our event. They said that apart from social media and posters maybe a youtube video and a part in the gladstone newsletter can do some advertising of our event. After this they showed us how to do chainmail and then a newsletter. Soon after we started to think of tweets that can be sent out each week and hashtags we could use. Once we completed all the serious business we had some casual conversations and they even put up a video me and gnawing made for school on the gladstone blog.

Ultimately shadowing was a very good experience all the there gladstone employees I worked with were very chill and easy to understand. i learned a lot from the 2 sessions and hopefully I can use this to make our event that much better. pce nigggaaaasss :)

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