Wednesday, May 16, 2012


Yo. This is Virginia here! One of The Torontonians involved in the year-long residency at The Gladstone Hotel. It's like almost 1:30 in the morning and I'm bored. So I'm going to talk about my first day of shadowing today. To be quite honest, I was scared. I really didn't know what to expect. There's this thing with me where I can't stand being with someone I don't know alone. I get all disgustingly awkward and it's terrible. But whatever, I gotta deal with that.
Other members that have done their shadowing already told me all their person did was talk - but it was really informative for them. So I come into The Gladstone and asked the front desk for the person who I was going to be with. Which is Angelina Williams, the Sales Manager of the hotel. The name Angelina completely slipped my mind. I'm not good with remembering names, so I really had no idea who I was going to be with. When I saw her, I instantly remembered her. I was intimidated at first. I mean, she was wearing a fab outfit and walking in her heels as if they were flats or something. I can't for the life of me walk in heels. Oh man, I came today dressed like a bum because I just wanted to be comfortable. She's a total fashionista! I also met her friend, who also looked totally fabulous and rocked wearing her heels too. Shit man, I gotta step up my game next time. She took me to the basement of The Gladstone first just to get some things. Let me tell you, the basement is COMPLETELY different from what you see upstairs! Haha, it looked like a dungeon! Not necessarily in a bad way, but they weren't your typical offices.

We couldn't stay in there because of a meeting going on, so we went outside to take advantage of the beautiful day and chatted. As I got to know her, I wasn't so intimidated anymore. She gives you a really good vibe which makes her perfect for her position. What Angelina basically does is she tries to get people from all over to get to The Gladstone. She's responsible for booking rooms for her clients. She fills her head up with the hottest spots in Toronto where she can meet soon to be clients. She hits up the hottest thing going on at the moment and introduces herself to all these people and letting them know about The Gladstone and how they differ from other hotels. It sounded really fun to me - I mean, basically partying, going to all these events, exploring the hot spots in Toronto and so much more. Although, she told me it's really time consuming and that sometimes she just wants to kick and relax at home. She told me a bit of her back story and how she got to The Gladstone. She's got a killer job. You don't meet many people that actually enjoy their job as well.

My shadowing today was really chill and I enjoyed that. It ended earlier then expected though. She told me that most of her work happens in the day time, so she couldn't really show me what she does because it was too late. She told me that she'd definitely tell me about anything that's going on so maybe I could stop by and see it for myself. But anyways, I'm going to end this off before I type even more. I have a tendency to type waaaay too much. But yeah! That's how my shadowing went!

Virginia out! Peeeace.

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